Larfa Properties - Real Estate
Larfa Properties is specialized in the development and promotion of real estate projects mainly in the following areas: tourism, offices/services and residential.
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With the help of very talented teams, we develop unique projects around the world to create the most special locations and experience for our clients

Our projects

  • Casal Ribeiro
    Located on Avenida Casal Ribeiro in Lisbon, this project consists in the rehabilitation and renovation of an office building that was built in the ’70s.
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  • Blue Cinema Cinedome
    This movie theater was built in 2002 and is an amazing complex combining 10 different movie theater rooms including 1 4DX room, a sportbar, a gaming zone as well...
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  • Palácio Ficalho
    The Palácio Ficalho of today has maintained its timeless identity, respecting the memories and architectural heritage of the past.
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  • Beato Quarter
    Beato Quarter is located on the riverside front of Lisbon, only a few minutes away from the historical center and from the Parque das Nações.
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  • Portobay Flores
    Located in the historical center of Porto, Palácio dos Ferrazes is an historical building within an area classified as World Heritage by UNESCO.
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  • Hotel Caju
    Located near the historical center of Funchal, in Rua da Carreira and Rua do Surdo the two adjacent buildings have four floors.
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Every project we develop we do it with passion

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Rua do Beato 48
1950-044 Lisboa – Portugal